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Information for Property Owners and Tenants

Property Owners and Tenants FAQ

Property Acquisition Information

The reconstruction phasing of Grant Road has been divided into six segment projects. The reconstruction of these projects will begin earlier than anticipated in 2011 and will continue spanning the RTA's second, third and fourth funding periods (2013-2026). Acquisition funds will be available for properties in the current construction phase and in the next segment scheduled to be reconstructed. Properties with hardship cases seeking advanced acquisition and located outside of the current or upcoming phase of construction will be considered on a case by case basis and ultimately only approved if the Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) funds are available.

  • The reconstruction phasing sequence provides property owners and tenants some certainty that can be used for future planning.
  • The RTA MainStreet business assistance program is available free of charge to all businesses located within a quarter mile of RTA-funded transportation projects. Tenants or business owners interested in receiving MainStreet assistance should call 838-4352 for more information.
  • Tenants and businesses located on property planned for acquisition are encouraged to stay on Grant Road to maintain eligibility for benefits at the time of acquisition.

The reconstruction schedule is subject to modification throughout the course of the project.

Reconstruction on Grant Road will begin in 2011
with an early intersection project at the Grant and Oracle

An improvement project to showcase the unique designs features and innovations planned for Grant Road has been suggested by many residents, business owners, neighborhoods, elected officials, the RTA and Citizen Task Force. The planning team evaluated all the major intersections on Grant Road between Oracle Road and Swan Road, and the Oracle intersection was ranked as one of the intersections where this significant investment in infrastructure will provide substantial benefit to area residents and businesses. This early intersection project will take place in the area of the Grant Road and Oracle Road intersection between 14th Ave. and Stone Ave. Reconstruction phasing for segments of Grant Road east of Stone Ave. will be determined in the winter of 2010.


Property owners and tenants who may be affected by the proposed alignment concept have been notified. If you are a property owner or tenant on Grant Road between Swan Road and Oracle Road and have not received a letter or postcard informing you of your status, please call (520) 624-4727 or email

Real Estate and Acquisition Questions

If you have questions related to real estate or property acquisition, please call the Grant Road Improvement Plan Information Line - 520-624-4727 or email

Information about Acquisition and Relocation for Property Owners and Tenants:

MainStreet Business Assistance Program

Click here to download PDF version

The Regional Transportation Authority's (RTA) MainStreet Business Assistance Program is a free, regional based, business assistance program focused on minimizing the economic impact of the transportation improvement project on businesses located along and close to each Regional Transportation Authority (RTA) project.

These free services are part of the RTA's 20 year regional transportation plan approved by voters in May of 2006 and are provided to business owners and managers whose business is located within the impact zone of the transportation improvement project. Additionally, the decision as to whether or not you take advantage of these free services is up to you - each business owner or manager.

Please take a moment to review the MainStreet Business Assistance Program's Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ's). We are here to help you and your business get to, through and beyond the Grant Road improvement project and we look forward to working with you to accomplish that goal.

Please contact us at your convenience to discuss how the free services of the MainStreet Business Assistance Program can begin to benefit your business, sooner rather than later.


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